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K2 Calling Features

Caller ID with Name

When your phone rings, you will see the name and phone number of the person calling. Likewise, when you place a call, others will see your name and phone number on the display.

Caller ID Block

Keep your calls private by blocking your name and number from appearing on the called party’s telephone display. If the party you are trying to reach has Caller ID, your number will not appear on their Caller ID-enabled phone or device.

Call Waiting

K2’s Call Waiting service allows you to accept an incoming call while you’re already on the phone. This allows you to answer the second call and put your first call on hold

Visual Call Waiting

When you are on the phone and another call comes in, Visual Call Waiting allows you to view the callers name and number so you can decide whether or not to take the second call.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding lets you easily forward incoming calls to any phone number around the world.

Enhanced VoiceMail

This answering service stores 20 messages, and allows you the flexibility of listening to your messages via email, phone, or on-line. Your greeting can be 2 minutes long and each message can also be 2 minutes long.

Unlimited Local

Talk as often and as long as you wish…Just like traditional phone service.

Free Long Distance Calling between K2 Customers

All K2 customers can call each other FREE anywhere in the world. Order one for yourself and one to send to your friend overseas (they must have high speed Internet)…and then talk to each other FREE.


K2 is proud to be fully 911 compliant. K2 Home Phone 9-1-1 works through a third party that answers your emergency calls and then dispatches the authorities.

Do Not Disturb

This Feature makes it easy to politely ignore callers. With this feature on, callers are automatically greeted with either your VoiceMail or with a message that tells them you are not taking calls at this time.

3-Way Calling

This feature enables you to carry on a conversation with 2 other people at different locations at the same time.

Speed Dial Memory

Why program individual phones with speed dial memory locations on EACH phone in the house? With Speed Dial Memory, all your phones are instantly programmed with the same speed dials.

My Account Web Access

My Account lets you access and manage your K2 Services over the internet. You can review and pay bills, listen to VoiceMail, review call logs and much much more.

Keep your Current Phone Number at No Extra Charge

K2 eliminates the inconvenience of having to change phone numbers by allowing you to keep the one you currently have with no additional cost.